concert production

With many years experience as a event producer, we can help you every step of the way in putting on your concert. From box office to stage management to lighting and sound design, we can make sure you have the best possible performance experience and that your patrons are treated with respect. We can help you with advance publicity, too!

New Esterházy Quartet: box office, concert management, publicity 2007-2011

Production and stage manager, Mexican Baroque (Chanticleer), Northern California Tour, 1997.

Live sound engineer for Kronos Quartet, two national tours (1989)

San Francisco Conservatory of Music: Director of Recordings and Concert Production 1981 – 1993

Synthesized cannon fire and offstage bells for SF Symphony performances (1984,85)

Directed sound installation for live performance of John Adams’ Light Over Water at opening of Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), 1984; mixed live performance of this piece, both in Los Angeles and at Brooklyn Academy of Music, 1984.

Pearl Harbor and the Explosions: Tour sound engineering 1980

Created interactive sound system for choreographer Susan Foster’s CorresponDances: Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and New York City, 1979

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